List of Articles

172-From Dealmaker to Salesman: Does Iran’s president have the juice to sell his nuke deal at home? Foreign Policy, November 26, 2013
171-Rouhani Holds the Key, The New York Times, September 24, 2013
170- Hassan Rouhani: Iran’s Mysterious New President, The Daily Beast, September 23rd
169- Iran Says Give Peace a Chance in Syria, The Daily Beast, September 5th 2013
168- Hope and Change with Rouhani?, The Daily Beast June 28 2013
167- Hasan Rowhani: Moderate Candidate Wins Iran’s Election, The Daily Beast, June 15 2013
166- Follow the Leader, NewsWeek, June 5 2013
165- Khomeini’s Daughter Asks Khamenei: Let Rafsanjani Run, Al-Monitor, May 22 2013
164- Why Iran’s June Election Will be Different, Lobe log Foreign Policy, May 6, 2013
163- Iranian Diplomat Confirmed Arrested in Tehran, IPS News Agency, May 2 2013
162- Hasan Rowhani: Moderate Candidate Wins Iran’s Election, The Daily Beast, Jun 15, 2013
161- Iran Cracks Down on Journalists Ahead of Elections, Al-Monitor, Jan 29 2013
160- Iran: Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Victorious Hunger Strike, The Daily Beast, Dec 6, 2012
159- Friends Speak Out on Iranian Blogger Sattar Beheshti’s Alleged Torture, The Daily Beast, Nov 15, 2012
158- Many Iranians See Nuke Talks, No Military Attack With Obama Reelection, The Daily Beast, Nov 8, 2012
157- Rights Report on Iran Highlights Executions, Political Prisoners, IPS News Agency, Oct 25 2012
156- Why Obama Is Right and Romney Is Wrong on Iran, The Daily Beast, Oct 11, 2012
155-Iran’s Currency Crisis: Bad News For Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, The Daily Beast, Oct 4, 2012
154- Salman Rushdie’s New Nightmare: Bounty Upped Amid Mideast Protests, The Daily Beast, September 18 2012
153-Iran and human rights: a new landscape,, 9 September, 2012
152- ‘Outed’ by the Military, Some Gays Fleeing Iran, The DailyBeast, July 28 2012
151- Controversial Poll: Do Iranians Really Support Nuclear Enrichment?, The DailyBeast, July 4 2012
150- Death Sentence Marks Latest Battle in Iran’s Culture War, The Dailybeast, June 12 2012
149- Iranian Rapper Shahin Najafi Faces Death Threats for Song Deemed Insult, The DailyBeast, May 12 2012
148-Iran, domestic tension and foreign policy ,, 19 March 2012
147- U.N. Special Envoy on Iran Details Pattern of Rights Abuses, IPS News Agency, March 8 2012
146- Oscar-Winning Film Unites U.S., Iranian Audiences, IPS News Agency, Feb 28 2012
145- Iranian Movie ‘A Separation’ Gets Oscar Buzz, Political Flak, the Daily Beast, Feb 8 2012
144-Nude Photo of Iranian Actress Golshifteh Farahani Roils Iran, the Daily Beast, January 20 2012
143-Why Iran Assassinations Are Backfiring, Aiding Nuclear Program, the Daily Beast, January 13 2012
142- Elections Playbook Starts With Crackdown on Critics, IPS News Agency, January 10 2012
141- Iran Rejects Report of U.N. Rights Rapporteur , IPS News Agency, October 21 2011
140- Did Ahmadinejad Steal Billions?, The Daily Beast, October 19 2011
139- Ahmadinejad Sticks to Script in Seventh U.N. Appearance, September 23, 2011
138- Hikers’ Fate Exposes Fractures Between Executive and Judiciary, IPS News Agency, Sep 14, 2011
137- How Lesbians Live in Iran, the Daily Beast, August 27, 2011
136- New Oil Minister Cements Ties with Military, IPS News Agency, August 8 2011
135- Take That, Tehran, Take That, Tehran: The U.S. is focusing on the wrong technologies in its fight to bring open information to Iran. the Slate, July 12 2011
134- New Arsenal Emerges in Struggle over Iran’s Internet, IPS News Agency, June 20 2011
133- Ahmadinejad Loses His Grip, The Daily Beast, May 24 2011
132- Iran Battles U.S. At UN Human Rights Council , IPS News Agency, March 21 2011
131- Mousavi and Karoubi Arrested: Iran’s Ticking Time Bomb, The Daily Beast, March 1 2011
130-The Mujahedeen-e Khalq Controversy, PBS FRONTLINE, Tehran Bureau, Feb 22 2011
129- Iran Steps Up Crackdown on Opposition Leaders, IPS News Agency, Feb 22 2011
128- Why Iran’s Protesters Won’t Quit, The Daily Beast, Feb 14 2011
127- Iran’s Execution Binge, The Daily Beast, Feb 5 2011
126- A Portrait of Iran’s Shah, in Shades of Grey, IPS News Agency, Jan 17 2011
125- Iranian Royal Family’s Suicide Tragedy, The Daily Beast, Jan 5 2011
124- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Brutal Artist Crackdown, The Daily Beast, Dec 25, 2010
123- Minister’s Sacking Shores Up Ahmadinejad’s Power Base, IPS News Agency, Dec 14, 2010
122- Ahmadinejad, So Long, The Daily Beast, November 25 2010
121-“There is No War on Terrorism”, an interview with Reese Erlich, IPS News Agency, Nov 10, 2010
120- Iran’s Young & Restless, co-authored with Tra Nesvaderani, PBS’ Tehran Bureau, Oct 1, 2010
119-Iran’s “Blogfather” Gets 20-Year Prison Sentence, IPS News Agency, Sep 28, 2010
118-Activists Warn of Rights Crisis Ahead of Ahmadinejad Visit, IPS News Agency, Sep 18, 2010
117- Ahmadinejad Was Freed Hiker’s Captor, Not Saviour, IWPR, September 17, 2010
116- “Green Light”, An Interview with Faezeh Hashemi, Iranian Former MP, Foriegn Policy, Sep 8, 2010
115- Q&A:Mousavi’s Revelations Would Destroy the Govt’s Legitimacy, IPS News Agency, August 24, 2010
114-Mysterious Letter Exposes Iranian State Secrets, The Daily Beast, August 8, 2010
113- IRAN: Poll Finds Dwindling Support for Govt, IPS News Agency , July 28, 2010
112- Worries Mount over Sanctions’ Ripple Effect, IPS News Agency, July 8, 2010
111-– Iran Pressured to Open Doors to U.N. Rights Investigators, IPS News Agency, June 11, 2010
110--Anniversary Preview: Iran’s Gets the Jitters, the Daily Beast, June 10, 2010
109-Iran’s Hanging Judge, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, June 9, 2010
108-Divisions Sharpen as Iran Girds for Renewed Protests, IPS news Agency, June 7, 1020
107- Iran’s Hijab Crackdown Intensifies as Election Anniversary Nears, IPS News Agency, May 27, 2010
106-Iran’s Execution Machine, the Daily Beast, May 13, 2010
105- Deputies Accuse Vice President of Corruption, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Apr 29, 2010
104-New Software Could Outwit Tehran’s Censors, IPS News Agency, April 22, 2010
103-Iran Is Abusing Three More American Hostages, the Wall Street Journal, April 3, 2010
102- Q&A: “I knew I was not a Spy”, Interview with Roxana Saberi, IPS News Agency, April 5, 2010
101-Iran Lobbies Over Rights Forum, Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Feb 26, 2010

93-IRAN: Revolutionary Guards Tighten Economic Hold, IPS News Agency, December 29, 2009
92-Iran’s Leaders Battle Over Khomeini’s Legacy, TIME, July 28, 2009
91IRAN: Ahmadinejad Victory Sparks Protests and Claims of Fraud, IPS, June 13, 2009
90- Iran on the Move, Open Democracy, June 11, 2009
89-IRAN: Reformist Candidates Complain of Too Many Ballots
88-Q&A:Notes From Iran’s Underground Music Scene, IPS News Agency, June 4, 2009
87-IRAN: Lawyers Seek Reversal in Second “U.S. Spy” Case, IPS News Agency, May 26, 2009.
86-IRAN: SABERI IS NO SPY, Index on Censorship, April 25 2009
85- Q&A: Islamophobia Alive and Well in the U.S.
84-RIGHTS-IRAN: Intl Support Mounts for Jailed Journalist
83-Q&A: U.S.-Iran Détente Unsettles Persian Gulf States
82-Op-Ed: “U.S. must change Iran policy”, San Francisco Chronicle, Jan 28, 2009
81-Q&A: “U.S. and Iran Share an Equal Monopoly on Violence”, Jan 23, 2009
80-Q&A:”I Feared I Could Be Killed in the Mayhem”, IPS News Agency, Jan 7, 2009
79-IRAN: ”I Want to Present a Different View of the Women in My Country”, IPS News Agency, Jan 2, 2009
78-ECONOMY-IRAN:From Bad to Worse?, IPS News Agency, Dec 19, 08
77-Q&A:”Prison Made Me Even More Determined”, IPS News Agency, December 11, 08
76-Proposed Iraq security pact calms Iran’s concerns, too. San Francisco Chronicle, November 18, 2008,
75-IRAN: Ahmadinejad Open to U.S. Talks, Denounces Threats, IPS News Agency, Sep 24, 08
74-RIGHTS: Activists Spotlight Rights Abuses on Eve of U.N. Meet, IPS News Agency, Sep 23, 08
73-POLITICS: Iranians Hope for Temperate President at the U.N, IPS News Agency, Sep 23, 08
72-Q&A: A Holiday in Iran, IPS News Agency, August 26, 08
71-Q&A: Hezbollah’s Triumph Is Blowback for Israeli Policy, August 18, 08
70-US/IRAN: Nothing Behind U.S. Allegations?, IPS, August 13 08
69-GEORGIA: Saakashvili Asked To Step Down”, IPS, August 12 08
68-CHINA: Greening of the Games”, IPS, August 7 08
67-Q&A:”Longing for the Past Yet Belonging to the Present”, IPS, August 1 08
66-POLITICS: U.N.’s Darfur Force Left Stranded, Critics Say, IPS, July 31 08
65-RIGHTS: Iran Condemned for Ongoing Juvenile Executions, IPS, July 29 08
64-Q&A: Iran’s Islamic Revolution Had Western Blessing, IPS, July 26 08
63-MIDEAST: Poverty in Gaza Hits “Unprecedented” Level, IPS, July 25 08
62-DEVELOPMENT: Progress on Water, Less on Sanitation, IPS, July 17 08
61-Q&A: “Iran Won’t Wait for Obama to Talk to U.S.”, IPS, July 16 08
60-RIGHTS: Israeli Magnate Draws Activists’ Ire, IPS, July 15 08
59-ZIMBABWE: Fears Grow that Sanctions Could Derail Mediation, IPS, July 7 08
58-Q&A:Will Olympics Break China’s Human Rights Paralysis?, IPS, July 7 08
57-POLITICS: Iranian Envoy Calls New Offer “Constructive”, IPS, July 2 08
56-OIL: Prices Won’t Be Falling Anytime Soon, IPS,Jube 28 08
55-IQ&A: “Neglecting Democracy Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear Weapons”, IPS, June 20 08
54-RIGHTS-IRAN: List Sheds Light on Death Row Children, IPS, June 18 08
53-IRAN: Corruption Scandal Could Become a “Gladiator’s Game”, IPS,June 17 08
52-ON LEADERSHIP / And now whose foreign policy is naive?, June 10 08
51-IRAN: Ahmadinejad Faces Heavyweight Foe in Larijani, IPS, June 10 08

50-US/IRAN: Necessity Is the Mother of Negotiation, IPS,May 30 08
49-US/IRAN: Changing of the Guard Key to Talks”, IPS,April 29 08
48-POLITICS-IRAN: “The Government Suffers From Delusions””, IPS, March 17 08
47-The election on blog in Farsi, San Francisco Chronicle, March 9 08
46-IRAN: Candidate Purge Smacks of a “Vendetta”, Critics Say”, IPS,Feb 12 08
45-RIGHTS-IRAN: Gov’t “Leading by Fear”, Activists Say”, IPS, Jan 17,08
44-Are Iran and the U.S. ready to bite the bullet?”, San Francisco Chronicle,Jan 2,08
43-Iran: prepared for the worst”,,Nov 30,07
42-Swarm: Art on View”, Novometro,Nov 19,07
41-POLITICS-US: West Coast City Formally Rejects Iran Attack”, IPS, Nov 7,07
40-RELIGION-US: Keeping the Muslim Faith – And a Low Profile”, IPS, Oct 16,07
39-US cartoon no joke to Iranians, Asia Times,Sep 20,07 (This article published by IPS first)
38- Indications that the U.S. is Planning Military Action Against Iran, New America Media,Sep 2,07
37-RIGHTS-IRAN: “Blood Was Everywhere, the Smell of Death”, IPS,Jul 13,07
36- RIGHTS-IRAN: Dark Days for Women, IPS,June 19,07
35-Iranian democracy under siege”, SF Chronicle,May 25,07
34- IRAN: Charges Against Renowned Scholar Called “Absurd”, IPS,May 15,07
33-POLITICS: A Softer, Gentler Era of U.S., Iran Relations?, IPS,May 3,07
32- Iran and the United States: time to engage,,May 1,07
31-IRAN: Nobel Peace Laureate Calls for Nuclear Referendum , IPS,Apr 25,07
30- RIGHTS-IRAN: Journalist Gets the Kafka Treatment, IPS,Apr 5,07
29- POLITICS: U.S. City Takes Stand Against War With Iran, IPS,Mar 16,07
28- Q&A: “U.S. Funding Armed Groups to Overthrow Iranian Govt, IPS,Mar 13,07
27- Journalists Targeted for Traveling Outside Iran, IPS,Jan 30,07
26- US-Iran: Ahmadinejad Feels Economic Heat, IPS, Jan 22,07
25- The clock may be ticking on Iran’s fiery president, Los Angles Times,Jan 21,07
24- Ahmadinejad, Iran and America, OpenDemocracy,Jan 15,07
23- Bloggers Rebel at New Censorship, IPS,Jan 10,07
22- Gulf Security Hinges on Axis of Realpolitik, IPS,Nov 7,06
21- Asia Times Online, Oct 27,2006
20- Ahmadinejad’s Divine Inspiration, IPS, Oct 26,06
19- Hardliners Try to Steer Crucial Polls, IPS, Oct 5,06
18- BOOKS:Starting a New Conversation About Iran, IPS, Aug 28,06
17- Under the radar: an Iranian and America , OpenDemocracy, Aug 17,06
16-Nobel Peace Winner Threatened With Arrest, IPS, Aug 10,06
15-On a razor’s edge , Asia Times, Aug 1,06
13-Iran Walks Razor’s Edge in Israel-Lebanon Conflict, IPS, July.30,06
12-No Winners in False Confession Game, IPS, July.15,06
11-Civil Society Feels Conservatives’ Wrath, IPS, June.30,06
10-RIGHTS-IRAN: Braving Threats, Women Demand Legal Reforms, IPS, June.11,06
9-Activists Fear U.S. “Help” Could Spur Crackdown, IPS, May.29,06
8-IRAN: Letter to Bush Lands With a Resounding Thud, IPS, May.24,06
7-Similarities Between Forced Hijab and Nuclear Energy, Roozonline, May.8,06
6-Many Iranians Embrace Asylum as a Way Out, Inter Press Service(IPS), Apr.27,06
5-Crunch Time for Iran, Thetyee-canada, Apr.28,06
4-Iranian people frustrated with government, Contra Costa Times, Mar.4,06
3-Why US Can’t Buy Dissent in Iran, Thetyee-Canada, Mar.31,06
2-A Firebrand in a House of Cards-New York Times-January 12, 2006
1-Internet yearns to be free in Iran, Dec.8,05, San Francisco Chronicle